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Well this is the Epilouge to "Human Skin"! I hope you've enjoyed it! There will be a sequel called "Vampire Skin". The preface will be up ASAP! Credits will be at the end...

                                        Daniel and I walked along the forest floor far from camp a few weeks later. We walked hand in hand, our eyes on our feet. The half-moon shone in the sky, covering everything in it's silvery wings. The trees were flat black against the great big bowl of silver and craters.
                                 Fireflies, the butterflies of night, buzzed around the forest, their rear ends glowing. "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" he asked in a soft voice. I looked up at him and was about to turn back and tell him never mind, when the chat with Gloria and William's familiar boyish smile filled my mind, giving me strength.
              "I don't know how to tell you this, but," I whispered, lowering my eyes and dropping my hand from his. "I don't love you, Daniel. I love William. And only William." Daniel's face turned pale and pain touched his eyes. But he nodded and his shoulders slumped.
                        "I understand. You share the same signs and fate has brought you together. But I will keep on fighting. When he messes up I will be waiting in the wings," he warned me, turning his back to me. Without another word, he sprinted into the dark blue forest. My eyes followed him as he ran. He ran very far that night.
                               I turned around and walked slowly toward camp, my head down and my hands at my sides. I paused halfway there to get a quick drink from the nearest spring. The water tasted pure and earthy. Yum.
                                       I sat back a moment with my rear on the ground and my weight on my palms. I looked up, my head tilting toward the stars. One star in particular twinkled, and I smiled a bit. "Can I join you?" a deep voice asked from the shadows. I looked behind my shoulder and watched as William stepped into the silver light.
                  "Sure. I guess so," I answered, shrugging. He sat down beside me, bare-chested and only wearing buck-skinned slacks that Courtney and Mom had probably made. "What's up?"
                                 He glanced over at me, then at the exact place Daniel had been moments ago, and finally back at me. His eyes held mine for what seemed like forever. Maybe it had been forever, or even just a heartbeat, but it was special. "I won't mess up. I swear. I love you, Onyx. And I'll do anything to prove it," he whispered, dropping his eyes.
                          I opened my mouth to speak, but he pressed a finger to my lips to stop me. "I could never hurt you. You are my life, my soul, my one true love. I know it might sound corny, but this is truly how I feel. And I need to know now before I say anything else," he continued, now looking me in the eye. "Do you love me like I hope you do?"
                     Understanding touched my eyes. I had to choose now. Daniel thought I had already chosen; I had not. Daniel could wait, he hadn't found the werewolf girl who shared his sign, whatever his sign was. William needed to know now if the girl with his matching sign loved him back. He could not wait. He would either die with her in his arms or die alone in the end.
                                     I took a deep breath and placed my hand on top of his, looking down and away from his intense stare. "I don't think it's corny," I whispered, looking back up at him. We both leaned forward in anticipation for my next words. "I love you, too, William. You are my castle, my sun, my wolfman."
                         We both smiled at each other, his own boyish smile and my tentive, bright smile, and then he pressed his lips to mine, his arms wrapping a warm, brass embrace around me. I kissed him back with a shy reply.
                                         My own arms snaked slowly around his neck, my fingers twisting themselves in his shaggy, dark brown hair. My eyes fluttered closed, but about that time we fell backward, breaking apart and laughing as we rolled across the clearing together. When we stopped tumbling, William was across from me on his back. I crawled over to him and stood up, brushing myself off.
                             "Let's get back to camp, William. I'm hungry and I'm sure they have the campfire ready for us," I said and he leaped to his feet at once. He took my hand and lead me back to camp, Daniel behind us and our future together in front of us.

...I'd like to give some credit to Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" for the beginning of chapter 16. I caught those words while I was surfing Youtube for some inpiration. I'd also like to give credit to Wildfire93 for reading all my chapters and being a great friend. Thanks buddeh! And last of my English teacher Ms. Misek for the beginning of chapter 15. Best teacher I've ever had so far! That's it for "Human Skin" and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.
WerewolvesRule Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009   Photographer
Thank you thank you thank you ^^ =D =)
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awesome dude.. completely awesome! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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